A Helpful Guide on Preventing Falls in Seniors


As one of the leading providers of in-home care, we are experts when it comes to reducing fall risks in the elderly. Here is a little guide that can help you:

  • Test your hearing and eyesight because they might not be as sharp as they used to be as you age. You may require new hearing aids, prescription eyewear, or contact lenses. Small changes to your sight and hearing might send you falling.
  • Find out whether the drugs you are taking have any potential negative effects. Inform your doctor at routine checkups if a prescription medicine causes you to feel drowsy or lightheaded. Always let them know about the effects of new medications.
  • Utilize senior safety and assistance tools. Fall prevention can be aided by using walkers and canes properly. You can also stay safe in the bathroom by using upgrading some features like having elevated toilet seats, installing grab bars, and using shower chairs.
  • Regular exercise is also important. Ask your physician, therapist, or live-in care provider for advice on workout regimens that might help you gain better balance and coordination. Regular physical activity can also help keep your tendons, joints, and ligaments flexible.

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