Companions: The Key to Combatting Loneliness


Aging comes along with many changes. Bodily changes may affect health and safety, while situational changes, on the other hand, may increase the risk of stress and cause loneliness among seniors.

Loneliness is a common woe among the elderly. While it may seem harmless, it can take a toll on one’s mental health, as it causes stress. And according to healthcare professionals and caregivers in Arlington, Virginia increases the risks of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The lack of a sense of belongingness may also cause behavioral issues.

Studies even show that seniors who live without assisted living care or are living alone are also more at risk of slips, trips, and falls that may result in grave injuries, and this is due to the lack of assistance and support as they move around.

So if you have a senior loved one who is currently living alone, try to visit them often. Doing so can make their whole day better, combat loneliness, and can even improve their quality of life. Or better yet, avail of companion care services from My Privilege Home Care LLC.

Such services from this trusted home care in Virginia can provide your senior dear one with the much-need company to combat loneliness and the stress that comes along with it. And can even help ensure overall health, comfort, and safety!

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