Does Depression Normally Come with Aging?


Depression is a common and serious medical illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and acts. Just as it’s recognized as a mental disorder among teens and younger adults, when it comes to the elderly- it’s also more than shifting moods.

Having depression is not a normal part of aging. It requires attention and proper diagnosis from a professional mental health practitioner. When a patient has persistent emotions of sadness, loneliness and anxiety, and a general loss of interest, he needs a strong and stable support system. Our personal assistant service can be a great help to the patient and his loved ones in taking this arduous but fulfilling journey. There would be aspects to be covered, from finances to the preferred type of medical services.

Some of the common symptoms among older adults include feelings of hopelessness, irritability, and excessive sleeping. People with depression can sometimes be resistant to help, despite how practical it is. It is essential that no matter how pessimistic the patient gets, he knows that he is not alone in his journey- and that is the primary goal of our companion care.

Caregivers in Arlington, Virginia are trained to perform their duty with high competency and are equipped with empathy skills to handle diverse situations.

There are times when an environment makes a great difference, so patients usually call for home care in Virginia because there are fewer disruptions.

If you have concerns over a senior’s health and welfare, My Privilege Home Care LLC is here to provide long term care for your loved one. Contact us at 703-543-5946 for more information.

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