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Can Seniors Learn a New Skill? Of Course!

can-seniors-learn-a-new-skill-of-courseLet us talk about this false belief that older people cannot learn something new.

Have you heard of this earlier statement? Nothing comes close to how wrong it could be. Sure, there are situations unique to older people – natural changes that come with aging. But these challenges do not affect the capacity to learn something new.

There is just a shift in how a person learns.

This means our senior loved ones can learn a new skill when they decide to – and with the right support.

If your senior parent has been reminiscing about a missed skill or not learning how to read, it is never too late. If they have always wanted to learn how to start gardening or cooking, they still have time. With the support of the whole family, patience, and a reliable tutor, they can do it.

The learning process should incorporate the changes in their capacity – for example, how well they can move their bodies or carry heavy objects. There may be some tasks that are out of reach, but there is certainly something that can be learned.

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