Does Your Loved One Need a Companion?

does-your-loved-one-need-a-companionOne of the things that many seniors need at home is a companion. The caregiver that we provide here at My Privilege Home Care LLC acts as not only a person who takes care of personal needs, but also someone that you can confide in as a friend. As providers of home care in Arlington, Virginia, we believe that this type of service can make all of the difference in a senior’s daily life. Various studies have shown that having a person in your life can greatly change how that person is able to live.

Aside from a companion, we are also able to provide each person with private care and the similar services. This in combination with our excellent companionship services is how we uplift the lives of each person that we come across. We take pride in the different ways we are able to change a senior’s life. Should you need care and assistance, we are always here for you!

We accept both Medicaid and Medicare in Virginia! With this, we can make sure that each person is able to receive the high-quality care that they deserve and need.

Let us hear from you today! We are always open to your questions and much more.

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