Creating a Senior Friendly Home

Creating a Senior Friendly Home

It is common for seniors and older adults to develop mobility issues that are caused by the health conditions they accumulate over time. With that, primary caregivers should make sure that their living spaces are friendly for their movements.

As we offer excellent home care in Arlington, Virginia, we want you to know how to create a home that is friendly to the possible mobility issues that seniors and older adults may have.

  • Ramps and Stair Glides
    Going up and down the stairs can be a challenge for those with health conditions. Ramps may be a great alternative for stairs, especially for seniors who use wheelchairs. For stairs that lead to the second floor of the house, you can invest in stairlifts for easier navigation through both floors.
  • Extra Hand Rails
    Handrails help seniors stabilize themselves when walking. They can hold on to these extra rails to prevent any fatal falls that may occur.
  • Ambulatory Assistance
    Seniors can also make use of ambulatory devices, such as walkers and canes, to assist their movement. They may also avail themselves of private care services that can help with their activities for the day.

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