Board Games with Seniors to Fight Boredom

Board Games with Seniors to Fight Boredom

Your senior parents have worked their lives to provide and take care of you. Now that you are looking forward to returning the same care, make sure to carefully evaluate the right Home Care in Arlington, Virginia. Aside from looking at their skills and experience, you can make your loved one’s stay at home fun and entertaining.

There is more to Private Care than assistance to daily living activities. Being their companions, our caregivers can provide leisure activities that can improve their mood, lighten the atmosphere, and keep your seniors engaged with life.

Board games are simple activities you can do as long as you have the basic equipment. There can be two players: your senior parent and you or the caregiver. There are also board games that allow more people to join, which can be more appropriate when the family is together.

  • Chess
    Chess is a great mental exercise that keeps the mind sharp. If your senior loved one is a chess enthusiast, they would be more than happy to play.
  • Scrabble
    With direct instructions, even new players can get the grip of this game. You can also add more participants to make it more fun and engaging.
  • Checkers
    Another source of brain exercise with a much direct approach is a checkers game. Since the rules are straightforward, your senior parent can play this with an enthusiastic young grandchild.

Let fun stay in your home. With My Privilege Home Care LLC, get the best care possible when you choose to stay at home.

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