How Can Seniors Protect Their Eyes at Home?


As people get older, numerous changes in their bodies can occur, one of which is the change in their vision. It’s important that they receive a vision exam once a year. Aside from that, they also need to always follow a doctor’s treatment and vision health advice, according to a private care specialist in Virginia.

Because of the pandemic, many senior citizens spend most of their time indoors, watching TV or playing with their electronic devices. While this may be an enjoyable way to pass the time, gazing at a screen for long periods can cause eye problems.

It’s important for family members or someone from home care in Arlington, Virginia to remind seniors to limit the hours of screen time. Not only does this eventually causes their muscles to waste away, but this also strains their eyes.

Seniors who use a computer regularly, especially those who want to communicate with their loved ones and friends online, should make sure their desk has adequate lighting. They should also take frequent eye rest and wear corrective eyewear.

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