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Safe Driving Tips for Older Adults

There are plenty of factors that might affect a senior’s ability to drive as they age. These include stiff joints and muscles, declining eyesight, trouble hearing, and slowed reaction times and reflexes.

If you’re worried about your loved ones getting into an accident while driving, these safe driving tips for older adults should help improve their protection.

  • Regular Vision Checks

    Regular vision checks allow older adults to spot issues before they become too difficult to treat. Whether it’s to get new eyeglasses or to diagnose an eye condition, make sure your loved one visits their ophthalmologist at least every year.

    If you have a chronic eye condition Medicaid and Medicare in Virginia may cover some of the expenses. Contact your provider to learn more about your options.

  • Take Defensive Driving Lessons

    Defensive driving lessons are a great way for older drivers to refresh their memories of the rules of the road. iDriveSafely is a great school for this, plus they offer their defensive driving courses online, too.

    No need to leave home and go all the way to a training facility. Simply log into your account and take the class.

  • When in Doubt, Don’t Go Out

    If you’re feeling sick, tired, or sleepy, consider taking a cab or bus instead of driving all the way to your destination. Feeling sick and groggy can lower your reactions time and decrease your reflexes.

    Furthermore, if it’s raining or snowing and you’re feeling a little skeptical about driving in those conditions, listen to your intuition.

Some Private Care providers offer reliable transportation services, so you can always opt for that under these circumstances.

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