How to Take Care of Your Memory After Retiring


Memory, as an integral part of cognition, is very important as it allows people to recall past events to deal with their present situations and to have a basis for the future. But significant changes could happen after retirement, especially when you don’t engage with people, lack companionship, and lie low on brain activity.

Activities such as the following may help take care of your memory:

  • Exercise your brain.
    Be mentally active by reading books, drawing and painting colorful objects, or playing mind games like puzzles. Spend some time with others, especially with family and friends. Have chit-chat and conversations about past and current events. Get companion care, too. These could ward off stress and depression.
  • Have a daily physical activity.
    Help organize a hiking team or a community volunteer service group to keep your body in shape. Get engaged in sweating activities like dance exercises or ornamental gardening to help raise blood flow to your body, including your brain.
  • Have a healthy diet and a good night’s sleep.
    Eat fruits, vegetables, and food sources that contain low-fat proteins. A healthy diet is good for your body and brain. Our caregivers in Arlington, Virginia can prepare nutritious meals for you. You must also get enough sleep to help you get going the next day. It is time to get more rest than you’ve ever done when still active at work.

As providers of home care in Virginia, we can ensure your safety and convenience as you fulfill many things you love after retirement. My Privilege Home Care LLC believes that happy and active seniors live longer and stronger.

For inquiries about long term care, do not hesitate to reach us at 703-543-5946.

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