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Why Cleanliness and Hygiene Matter


Seniors are one of the most vulnerable age groups. They are prone to many diseases due to the effects of aging, stress, and other internal and external factors. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites lurk everywhere, waiting for a host to become their breeding ground.

And that is why seniors need to stay in a clean and stress-free place. They may require home care in Virginia to maintain their hygiene and maintain their health.

Aside from disease prevention, they may also need personal care and household chore assistance to achieve the following:

  • Reducing the risks of falling and tripping over
    Housekeeping can safeguard seniors from tripping over clutter, especially sharp-edged materials that might also cause cuts and wounds. Seniors will also avoid slipping when floors are kept dry. We know how prone they are to these accidents, and that is what we aim to prevent.
  • Creating a healthy vibe
    Proper hygiene techniques can provide peace of mind to the whole family. Let it be a household practice so everyone, especially the elderly, can guarantee a safe and healthy living at home. The elderly consider their home a safe space, and that is why getting companion care helps when they can no longer look after themselves religiously.

Protect your senior loved ones from harm through effective home care with the help of My Privilege Home Care LLC. Do not let barriers in personal hygiene keep you from doing the right thing.

If you know people who need caregivers in Arlington, Virginia, please refer them to our agency. They can call us at 703-543-5946.

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