Medication Management Tips for Older Adults


Many of our elderly loved ones take multiple medications to manage chronic conditions. This makes medication management one of the most challenging tasks for older adults and their family members. With companion care, seniors can receive medication reminders to make it easier to manage their medications at home.

As your trusted provider of home care in Virginia, we will share medication management tips for older adults:

  • Store all medications in one place.
    When medications are stored in different locations, it’s easy to lose track of vitamins, over-the-counter drugs, supplements, or prescribed medications that are being taken. A good habit is to gather everything in one place. This makes it easier to see exactly what is being taken and know when to dispose of expired medications.
  • Set daily reminders.
    Seniors can set daily alarm reminders on their mobile devices or watch to remind them when to take their medications. Family members, neighbors, and caregivers providing companionship services can also provide reminders.
  • Schedule regular doctor appointments.
    As we age, our healthcare needs evolve. It is possible that a senior’s symptoms have changed and they no longer need to take a certain medication. Scheduling regular doctor appointments will address any health issues and ensure their medication list stays current.

My Privilege Home Care LLC aims to improve the quality of life of the ill, elderly, children, and disabled through our home care services. Our team of caregivers in Arlington, Virginia is available to provide the assistance you and your loved ones need. Set an appointment with us to develop a comprehensive care plan.

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