Strategies to Improve Senior Safety at Home


Older adults often experience mobility loss with age due to factors like low physical ability, chronic disease, and strength or balance impairment. This makes living independently during their golden years all the more challenging. In addition to companion care, there are minor home modifications one can make to increase safety at home.

As a trusted in-home care provider, we will share strategies to improve senior safety at home:

  • Identify and remove trip hazards.
    Common examples of trip hazards include loose floorboards and carpeting, throw rugs, stacks of old magazines or newspapers, and loose electrical cords. Make sure to remove these trip hazards from key areas like hallways to avoid slips or falls. It also helps to arrange furniture and other objects so that they are not in the way.
  • Improve the lighting.
    Seniors experiencing vision loss may find it difficult to navigate poorly-lit areas of their homes. Improve the lighting in key areas like hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Modern lighting options offer a brightness adjustment knob to make rooms more eye-friendly for seniors and to improve mobility.
  • Use assistive devices.
    Assistive devices like grab bars and handrails can improve balance and stability. These devices can be placed on the walls of the bathtub and toilet. Safety can be increased in the bathroom by using devices like shower chairs, raised toilet seats, and non-slip mats.

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