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Promoting a Caregiver’s Well-Being

promoting-a-caregivers-well-beingWhen a person is diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability, it will profoundly impact the course of his or her life, particularly regarding self-sufficiency. As they become older, they will require assistance in a variety of aspects of daily living. In most cases, family members are the ones who take on the role of being primary caregivers.

Managing personal and caregiving needs can be difficult if you’re caring for a family member living with a disability, whether a child or an adult. We understand the pressures that come with all of this, and we’re here to advocate for your wellness as much as your family member.

My Privilege Home Care LLC, a trusted provider of home care in Arlington, Virginia offers the following caregiving advice to help you stay healthy and positive:

  • Be Informed
    Seek information about their condition and raise concerns with others involved in their private care. This enables you to make more informed health decisions and gain a better grasp of issues your family may encounter.
  • Get Support
    A support group allows you the opportunity to share insight and interact with others who are going through similar situations. It may help overcome feelings of isolation and anxiety as a caregiver.
  • Be Empowering
    Concentrate on what you and your family member with a disability can do, and acknowledge their accomplishments.
  • Take Care of Yourself
    Maintain your interests, hobbies, and friendships. Strike a healthy balance between self-care and caring for your family member.

An extra hand is not a bad idea, too. If you require support, we are the ones to call! We also work with insurances such as Medicaid and Medicare in Virginia for those who are eligible. For inquiries, reach us today!

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