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Safety Tips for Nighttime Bathroom Trips

Safety Tips for Nighttime Bathroom Trips

Staying at home can give a lot of comfort to seniors or homebound patients. But unlike a hospital or medical facility, equipment or professional care may not be available every time. To ensure their safety at home, the family and the caregiver must be ready to make some adjustments – especially considering night trips a senior may need.

Some medications and health conditions can affect a senior’s sleeping pattern or cause incontinence. When they need to go to the bathroom for late-night toileting, they may or may not be able to wake up their caregivers.

Fortunately, there are some safety tips you can prepare in advance.

First, install a bed rail to ensure your loved one’s balance as they rush to get out of bed. This will prevent them from falling and other accidents. Make sure there is proper lighting along the way to the bathroom. You may consider using automatic nightlights in their room, hallway, and other areas to remove the need for searching the switch.

Inside the bathroom, provide anti-slip mats or use slip-resistant flooring to make walking safer for them. Install sufficient handrails and make sure they are strong enough to hold.

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