Barriers to Personal Hygiene in Older Adults


Maintaining good hygiene habits is important at any age but can be challenging for older adults. Challenges like impaired mobility and vision loss can make it difficult to perform daily hygiene tasks. However, it is critical to boost the immune system and lower the risk of infection. Hence, many turn to private care to receive assistance with personal care.

As a leading provider of home care in Arlington, Virginia, we will discuss the most common barriers to personal hygiene in seniors:

  • Fear / Discomfort

    The bathroom can be an unsafe space for older adults as the cold and slippery tiles increase the risk of falls leading to injury. Hence, many seniors decide to skip going to the bathroom, which can lead to a decline in their hygiene.

  • Mobility Issues

    Older adults with impaired mobility may find it difficult and even painful to get up and use the bathroom. A senior who experienced a recent fall in the bathroom resulting in impaired mobility may also be reluctant to use it, despite being aware they need to.

  • Weaker Senses

    Our senses are not as sharp as they once were as we get older. Hence, older adults may not immediately notice signs of poor hygiene, such as stains on their clothes or body odor.

My Privilege Home Care LLC is a trusted home care provider dedicated to providing high-quality services to improve the lives of the ill, elderly, children, and disabled. To make our services more accessible, we work with most private insurances, including Medicaid and Medicare in Virginia. Set an appointment or call us to find out more.

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