Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility


Engaging in regular physical exercise is important at any age, especially as we get older. However, performing daily exercises can be difficult when you have conditions that impair your mobility. In addition to receiving private care, exercising is essential to maintain a healthy weight, avoid fatigue, and age healthily.

As an agency specializing in home care in Arlington, Virginia, we will share low-impact workouts that are ideal for seniors with limited mobility:

  • Swimming

    Also called water aerobics, this low-impact workout is perfect for seniors with back or joint pain. The buoyancy of the water counteracts gravity which puts less pressure on the joints and offers a great way to tone the body and slim down.

  • Walking

    Walking is considered an aerobic exercise as it increases the heart rate and aids in cardiovascular health. The activity is also gentle on the back, making it ideal for overall body conditioning. Walking can also be a social activity for seniors.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a mind-body workout requiring stretching and posture exercises with meditation and breathing techniques. This improves the core muscles to develop coordination and stability while reducing stress.

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