Senior with Memory Issues? Visual Cues Will Help!

senior-with-memory-issues-visual-cues-will-helpWith aging comes a variety of physical and mental issues: bones become fragile, muscles weak, and memory retention slows down. Although this does not happen to all seniors, some of them still experience physical and mental problems that hinder them from living life in aging to the fullest. This, however, should not stop them from enjoying themselves.

Our home care in Arlington, Virginia, would like to stress the fact that these bodily challenges can still be addressed with the right type of care. As their family, it is our duty to help our senior loved ones stay strong and healthy. One particular challenge we should cater to is how to improve their memory even as they age and one of the simplest methods we suggest is using visual cues at home.

Visual cues are images or labels for certain objects and/or rooms in the house. This method is often used for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s but using it for age-related memory issues can also be beneficial. It is easy to make and materials are readily available online or in craft stores.

So, why should you look into visual cues? Let our private care share these benefits.

  • Takes advantage of familiarity
  • Creates distinctiveness and accessibility
  • Improves legibility
  • Prioritizes comfort and safety

Familiarity, distinctiveness, accessibility, legibility, comfort, and safety: these qualities—many of them involving visual cues—help us all throughout our lives, whether we realize it or not. Utilizing each of these cues can increase your loved one’s quality of life and ability to function more independently.

My Privilege Home Care LLC is truly privileged to help our clients live healthier lives. If you want to learn more about our Medicaid and Medicare in Virginia, call us at 703-543-5946.

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